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XSL Sample Chapter
Chapter 17 of the XML Bible, Second Edition : XSL Transformations

XML in 10 points
This summary in 10 points attempts to capture enough of the basic concepts to enable a beginner to see the forest through the trees.

Why XML?
XML article.

Using XML and JSP together
XML and JSP are two of the hottest buzzwords these days. This article shows how you can use these two technologies together to make a dynamic Website.

What is XML?
XML article.

Web Services Tutorial: Understanding XML and XML Schema
This Web Service article series covers all the important standards in the Web Services stack and ties them together with real-world examples. The first article in this series discusses XML (Extended Markup Language).

What is XML?
XML is a framework for defining markup languages:

Humans should not have to grok XML
When you should and should not use XML from IBM Developer Works.

XML for the absolute beginner
A guided tour from HTML to processing XML with Java.

Articles and resources.

XML APIs for databases
Blend the power of XML and databases using custom SAX and DOM APIs.

Extending XMLMap: XML for Presentation Purposes
XML article.

Safer XML
XML article.