Free WSDL Resources

WSDL Tutorial
A multi-chapter wsdl tutorial from the always efficient folks at w3schools includes a wsdl introduction, documents, ports, bindings, wsdl and uddi, and wsdl syntax.

Web Services Description Language (WSDL) 1.1
This document is a submission to the World Wide Web Consortium as a suggestion for describing services for the W3C XML Activity on XML Protocols. This draft represents the current thinking with regard to descriptions of services within Ariba, IBM and Microsoft

WSDL Essentials
This is Chapter 6: WSDL Essentials from the book Web Services Essentials (ISBN:0-596-00224-6) written by Ethan Cerami, published by O'Reilly & Associates.

Web Services Description Language (WSDL) Explained
MSDN site for WSDL.

A Busy Developers Guide to WSDL 1.1
This document demonstrates how the process of achieving meaningful interoperation between different environments can be achieved in a simpler and less error prone manner by applying some of the basic concepts described in WSDL 1.1

Deploying Web services with WSDL: Part 1
In the Deploying Web services with WSDL series, Bilal will explore all major technical aspects of creating, deploying, and publishing Web services -- from Web Services Markup Language (WSDL), to Simple Object access Protocol (SOAP), and Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) registries. Part 1 focuses on WSDL authoring: You will learn how to manually create a WSDL interface, and then compare your effort with the output of a WSDL authoring tool.

Is WSDL the indispensable API?
In this article, Eoin Lane shows a service's WSDL view, then explains how you can generate client and service implementations for the various programming languages. Eoin finishes by discussing possible sources for initial WSDL view generatio

WSDL: A New XML-Based Web Site Description Language
This is a thesis regarding wsdl and xml.

WSDL Tales From The Trenches, Part 1
WSDL article.

Understanding Overloading in WSDL
WSDL article.

Which style of WSDL should I use?
RPC/encoded, RPC/literal, document/literal? Which one?

WSDL processing with XSLT
First steps for Web service description processing.