Free GIMP Tutorials

Gimp Tutorials for photo editing, retouching
The site offers Gimp tutorials for photo editing.

Gimp Tutorials
These are the tutorials at the gimp.org site. They are arranged into categories including Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, Photo Editing, Web, and Script Authoring.

Grokking the GIMP
This is an entire free GIMP book that is available to read online or download in html format.

GIMP User Group
The GUG contains tutorials for various versions of the GIMP.

Basic GIMP Tutorial
Draw a stickman in GIMP. This tutorial is also availabe in German (Deutsch).

Beginners Guide to The GIMP
This guide covers the 1.3 version of The GIMP.

Getting Started with The GIMP: an informal tutorial
This tutorial is highly informal, and is a walk-through of some fairly basic things that can be done with the GIMP

A two-part gimp tutorial that uses an animated banner as an example.

How to Use GIMP for Photo and Image Editing
A tutorial from LinuxNetMag that focuses on the basics of using GIMP's cropping, scaling, brightness adjustment, and contrast adjustment tools. You will learn how to use these tools by editing a digital photograph.

The RRU Gimp Tutorial

GIMP Tutorial
A pretty short tutorial series with some basics about photo editing, text effects and drawing lines.

Answers to about a hundred commonly asked questions about the GIMP.

A Tutorial for Perl Gimp Users
Perl as a language is probably more familiar to the web-literate users, as it is the major language for writing CGI scripts. Now, Gimp scripts may also be written with Perl. This tutorial will describe how to write such plug-ins and scripts for Gimp.