Free Database Libraries

An open source and cross platform Oracle driver, the OCILIB library delivers access to Oracle databases by encapsulates OCI (Oracle Call Interface).

A cross-platform C++ development toolkit used to build multi-threaded database and communication applications

hk_classes is a set of GUI independent C++ libraries which allow the rapid development of database applications and includes command line tools to use hk_classes in scripts.

Database Template Library
"The goal of this library is to make ODBC recordsets look just like an STL container. What is more, we do this portably so the abstraction can run on multiple platforms and C++ compilers. As a user, you can move through our containers using standard STL iterators; and if you insert(), erase() or replace() records in our containers changes can be automatically migrated to the database for you."

GQL - Generic SQL Library
This is the homepage af the GQL Project - just another attempt to create a generic SQL interface for Linux/UNIX platforms. The CLI (call level interface) library GQL, provides an abstraction of a SQL database, which means it is a general API for all (or most) possible SQL databases. It achieves this by using individual drivers for different databases. GQL is implemented in C++, so its native interface is C++ also.

The unixODBC Project goals are to develop and promote unixODBC to be the definitive standard for ODBC on non MS Windows platforms. This is to include GUI support for both KDE and GNOME.

MySQL++ is a C++ API. The goal of this API is too make working with Queries as easy as working with other STL Containers. Source is distributed under the LGPL and binaries are available for several platforms including windows and linux.

libodbc++ is a C++ class library for accessing SQL databases. It is designed with standards in mind, so it provides a subset of the well-known JDBC 2.0(tm) and runs on top of ODBC on Windows and Unix/Linux. It is distributed under the LGPL.

ebase - embedded C++ database library
"A portable, lightweight, and flexible C++ library that provides reliable persistent storage. It is well suited for embedded systems, personal digital appliances and small-scale database need on web."