Free C# Articles

A Programmers Overview of C#
A one-page article that is a short tutorial on C#.

C# Offers the Power of C++ and Simplicity of Visual Basic
MSDN article.

Overview of the Object Class
This article has the goal of making you more aware of the rationale and use of the object class in your code.

Writing a Web Client Application with Managed Code in the Microsoft .NET Framework
MSDN article.

C#: What You Need to Know to Move from C++ to C#
MSDN articles that assumes you're familiar with C++.

Exception Handling in C#
C# article.

Compilation and Runtime Execution of a C-Sharp Program
An articles that compares the compilation and runtime execution of a C-Sharp Program with Java.

Getting Started With C#
This example is to get you started using C# in Visual Studio.NET. It is intended to be used as your first program to test your Visual Studio .NET installation, and to start finding your way around in VS.

How To: Joining and Splitting Strings

How To: Starting Processes From C#

How To: Reading and Writing Text Files
The .NET Framework includes convenience classes that make reading and writing text files very easy.

Socket Programming in C#
The purpose of this article is to show you how you can do socket programming in C#. This article assumes some familiarity with the socket programming, though you need not to be expert in socket programming.

Events and Delegates
This article will deal with Event and delegates in C#. C# Open a new door by including the feature of Event Driven programming such as Events and Delegates. This article is part of the series that helps in understanding Events and Delegates.

How to POP3 in C#
An introduction to retrieving email from a POP3 server using the .NET socket classes.

Iteration Methods
Comparison of the performance of various iteration methods over large amounts of data in .NET.

How To: Creating Thumbnail Images

OpenGL and C#

Introduction to Strongly Typed Data Sets
This article teaches how to create a strongly-typed dataset class library in your C# database applications